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Depending on the type of package chosen, the layout and location of your chosen venues, the day may alter slightly but generally the day will go as follows:

  - I will arrive approximately 1 hour before ceremony starts to where the bride is getting dressed. By this time, I have already visited your reception venue and got those really close-up beautiful shots of your amazing venue layout.

   - The final touches are being done and she’s looking gorgeous. The bride and I will then start our bridal shoot, in either the outdoor area or if the weather isn’t too great, a more relaxed setting in her suite.

-Then just before the butterflies get really anxious, ill be setting off to wait for the bride at the entrance to your ceremony venue – and also to get some handsome shots of the groom. They can get just as nervous trust me.

-When you see me again, I’ll be hidden away waiting next to the groom, capturing those emotional moments, and normally there are very few dry eyes in the house, and sometimes neither are mine, its just so special. You won’t know I’m there but you will love the way I get that feeling across.

-When the I do's are done and you are an official couple, ill meet you both at either your reception venue or at a chosen location to do your couple shots. This is a special time and I’m actually quite privileged to spend that first hour with you as husband and wife. I try to not be too intrusive and let your love and happiness direct these images, as I know exactly what you are feeling at this moment.

-When you head to the reception venue, and with a much-needed champagne in hand, you will see the world with new eyes.

-Ill be there for the toasts, there for the first dance, and I’m totally having a drink with you to say cheers and thank you for sharing your special day with me.

-Then I will disappear, the DJ will do his thing and you will dance the night away, to relive that night in my images of you.

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Family Sessions

These sessions are all about the kids and having fun.


My preferred locations are spacious, so we can walk around while the kids hop, skip and jump while I shoot away.


Yes, there will be a few spots where I set you up for those must have family portraits, but my images are all about natural feelings and fun.

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